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What Do I Do To Cleanup My Water Damage Or Flood In Staten Island Ny



Stop the flow of water. If the flooding has been caused by a burst pipe or a water heater failure, shut off the main water line for your home.

·         Get in touch with an expert immediately if you cannot tell where the water is coming from.



Turn off the power. If your home is flooded, cut off the electricity and gas from the main source. This isn’t as essential for small leaks or puddles, but for large floods turns them off to be safe. 

·         Do not handle electrical appliances unless you are properly insulated.

·         If you have to stand in water to turn off the main electricity, consult with an electrician.



Assess the damage. Before you begin your cleanup effort, first determine if rebuilding is even a worthwhile option. Take ample photos and other documentation to show the insurance company.


Rescue your most valuable possessions. If you are able to, find and remove your most important items from the flooded area, such as heirlooms, money, jewelry, etc. Don’t spend too much time extracting and cleaning individual items, as the water is still doing damage to your home.