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Water Damage flood cleanup Bay Terrace Staten Island NY| Flood damage help Richmond Valley NY


Flood water in your home will cause alot of damage. It can ruin your possesions and also the structure of the home itself. Staten ISland is very prone to water damage. If you act quickly you can minimize the damage. If your basement has even less than an inch of water or is just damp it is the perfect breeding ground for mold. Not olnly does mold ruin your walls,furniture,carpet and wood floors. It pollutes the indoor air quality inside your home. Wet out Now of Staten Island is the best Water Damage restoration company in Staten Island NY. We handle sewage backups,Mold removal and all types of flood restoration and drying of structures after a water damage. If you have mold or have a water damage call us @ 347-925-9698

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Water Damage Help in Staten Island