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Trust Our Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY Mold Removal to Restore Your Home to Health

Mold is a serious health hazard which can occur in any home of any age. All it takes is a moisture problem in your home and mold can quickly start to grow. Prompt treatment and removal of mold is essential to restoring your home to a healthy living space.

Our Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY Mold Removal service will safely, quickly, and thoroughly clean and treat the areas of mold in your home. Regardless of the reason for the mold, we can take care of it in a manner which ensures safety as well as respect for your home and possessions. We will take the highest level of care while working diligently and efficiently.

You can rest assured that during the process, the mold will not spread to other areas of your home. We seal off the area to be treated and any items removed from that area are done so in plastic bags. The techniques used by our highly trained technicians will give you the best results in a prompt manner. We do not use chemicals such as bleach, but rather a fragrance-free detergent and we will use an exhaust fan to vent the potentially hazardous air from the area to the outside.

Not only do we provide superior Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY Mold Removal, but we inspect adjacent areas for signs of mold. This will include areas home-owners may not think to check in cases of mold contamination or water damage. Mold can be a fast-moving issue and can easily get into small spaces you don't normally look at. Our technicians are trained to know what to look for, and where to look for it.

When mold is discovered, home-owner must act quickly. Take the guess-work of who to call out and simply call us.


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