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The Best Water Damage Specialists In Staten Island, NY

 Water damage can occur from many different things happening in the home, or in a building structure. There is often water damage from flooding and leaks, but most of the time, water damage stems from things such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and bad storms. We are the most dependable water damage specialists in Staten Island, NY, that will come into your home or building and first, inspect all areas where water has been sitting, and we will begin our clean up and repairing process. We know that sitting water that stays in the same place too long will often cause mold and mildew to grow, and we try to help our customers avoid this type of thing from happening. Structural damage often occurs with untreated sitting water, and mold and mildew, and we are here to help our customers to save money, and not have to spend thousands of dollars in repairs.

After our inspection of all water damaged areas, and after our cleaning process, we want to make sure that the area remains dry. We use the best high powered fans for the drying process, and we try to detect foul odors from sitting water, so that we can help to remove those also from the home or from any type of building. Our prices are negotiable, as we want our customers to know and trust, that we will give you the best deal on cleaning your home or building. We often run specials for our customers to help keep you from spending so much out of pocket for mold removal and other things related to water damage. We gladly provide our customers with a price quote over the phone, or when we arrive. Contact our water damage specialists in Staten Island, NY today.


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