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Sewage Cleanup In Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

 When sewage backs up in the basement of your home, it is an awful thing to deal with. Raw sewage can flow into your home when sewage drains become blocked. Typically, the cause is heavy rain storms but the drains can also backup when sewer pipes become damaged.

Exposure to the raw sewage can make you and your family very sick. Plus, you could get an infection if the sewage is not cleaned up right away. Affected areas of your home will become hazardous due to the filth on your walls, floors and an inside cabinets. If you want your home to be safe to live in again, you will need to hire a professional and experienced sewage cleanup Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY team like ours.

If you do not act fast and call us, the raw sewage will contaminate your entire home and could result in you losing your home. Raw sewage is very toxic, which means it must be removed from your home immediately. We have professional grade equipment and have the expertise to do an efficient and effective job and will do it fast.

Our crew will quickly remove sewage from your home with powerful equipment that will quickly pump raw sewage from your home. After getting rid of the sewage and mopping up the filth, our crew will sanitize the affected areas in your home to kill nasty germs and bacteria. The crew will also use dehumidifiers to keep mold and fungus from growing on your walls and floors, which could affect you and your family’s health.

It is highly advised that you discard any upholstered furniture and any other items in your home that was contaminated by raw sewage. If you need a trustworthy and reliable sewage cleanup Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY team, contact us today.


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