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Our Professional Staten Island, NY Mold Remediation Process

 Mold is an organism that likes to grow in places that it is found, and can be dangerous if it stays around for too long. Mold can grow in many different places such as drywall, insulation, bathrooms, and many other places. We are a Staten Island, NY mold remediation company that can come into your home or business and help remove dangerous mold. Mold is capable of growing in places where there is much moisture, many of these places have standing water that does not go away. Most places where mold is growing, is where there have been a spill, a leak, or a flood, and it can start to grow after water has been standing for about 48 hours. We are well equipped to come into your home or establishment, and remove all mold.

Many of our customers try to remove mold by themselves with household supplies, and many times this does work, but we are here to remove it permanently for you. While we are performing Staten Island, NY mold remediation in your home, we will wear protective gear, as mold spores are released into the air once we disturb certain areas where mold may grow. Our professional team will seal off the room that we are working in, in order to protect our customers that may still be in the home. After the mold removal process, we will use a solution that will continue to kill mold, and we will advise our customers on this information also, to keep mold out of their homes. We use a HEPA filtered vacuum to finish our cleaning process, and this is to help remove any spores that may be left hanging around. Contact us today for help with Staten Island, NY mold remediation.


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