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Mold Removal In Staten Island, NY

 Mold is generally a slow development, but can spread exponentially with each day adding more and more to the potential cost of removal and remediation. Mold is caused by a high level of moisture in the air, whether it be from a natural cause such as location, or from sewage damage from a recent storm. Depending on the extent of the spread and size of the mold growth, permanent damage to the structure of the building can be avoided if you act fast in the mold's removal.

We provide professional mold removal Staten Island, NY services to alleviate the stress of the situation, and provide a professional removal. A full inspection of the affected area is required, on top of treatment, to allow us to evaluate the true extent of the mold. Following this, we will then focus on draining the moisture from the surrounding area using a variety of methods depending on the situation. We use a variety of equipment ranging from pumps to drain visible stagnant water to dehumidifiers to handle any lingering water moisture in the air which could promote the growth and spread of mold. Cleaning the mold is done with powerful non harmful cleaning agents and high quality scrubbers to kill the mold as well as remove any trace of spores which can spread mold the new areas. If your house or industry suffers from a large volume of mold, then industrial grade cleaning agents will be required.

We take the importance of potential health risks very seriously, and we use only fragrance free detergents when cleaning to minimize potential allergic reactions, and all rooms affected are cordoned off to prevent spread of potentially toxic spores spreading to family members. On top of this, we use plastic sheeting to protect all belongings. When you are in the need of mold removal in Staten Island, NY give us a call.


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