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Mold Removal In Brooklyn, NY

 Mold can be one of the more expensive yet silent causes of damage to property. It can occur almost anywhere with water moisture and within a wide temperature range. Its rapid growth and spread through an area can make it one of the most damaging types of water damage. However it's not the end of the world! Mold does not make everything unsalvageable so the quicker you react the lighter the damage. Mold removal in Brooklyn, NY from our specialist team is a quick, easy and painless process to handle the spread of mold.

We provide a professional level inspection for mold if you believe to have fallen victim to it. We check surrounding areas of visible mold, such as beneath carpets and wallpaper, along with wall cavities.

Once an inspection has been completed, attempt to dry the damaged area. This removes the water moisture which caused the initial mold, whether this be by draining any stagnant water within the area such as flood water from heavy rain, or another source of water. We can perform this task if you cannot by using high power pumps to drain any stagnant water, or by using a dehumidifier to dry the air and reduce water moisture in the surrounding air to stem the growth of mold.

Our team of specialist workers will now handle the mold removal in Brooklyn, NY, sealing off the affected region of the house and performing a non harmful clean of the mold. We are proud to declare that we use only fragrance free detergents to clean instead of potentially harmful bleach so you can rest easy without fear of irritation. On top of this, we wrap any affected furniture in plastic if they are needed to be transported through the house to prevent a spread of mold to unaffected areas.  Contact us today for your mold removal Brooklyn, NY needs.


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