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Mold Removal In Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

 The topic of mold in a home is an unpleasant one. Therefore, the idea that mold may be present in the home can be very upsetting to a homeowner. "How did this happen, and what can I do to get rid of it," is a common two part question asked by many a homeowner upon discovering that a mold problem exists.

First of all, it may be comforting to know that mold in some form is, actually, just about everywhere in the atmosphere. The presence of mold, unfortunately, is a fact of life. The problems occur when mold encounters moisture. Mold spores thrive on moisture, and in a damp environment they can quickly spread, colonize, and become established in parts of the house exposed to moisture.

So if your home is exposed to excessive moisture in any manner, whether it is from flooding, leaky pipes, roof leaks, high basement humidity levels, or poor ventilation in damp rooms such as the bathroom where the shower is frequently used, there is a relatively high risk of an increased presence of mold. A strong, musty smell is usually an indication of high mold spore levels, both in the air, and on items such as walls, ceilings, surfaces exposed to moisture, insulation, and even furniture.

What can be done about it? When the presence of mold is evident, your first call should be to our team of mold removal Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY specialists. We can quickly assess the damage, then begin the mold removal process. Our years of experience with safely and efficiently addressing and eliminating mold spore problems in numerous homes just like yours has earned us a reputation as leading experts in the mold removal Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY industry.

Don't attempt to get the mold out of your house alone. Give us a call, and leave it to us!


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