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Mold Remediation In Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

 In today’s world unforeseen circumstances can arise at any given time. Typically they occur at the most inopportune times. That is why our tried and true company is here to serve all of your mold remediation Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY needs! We are a top rated, fully bonded, insured, and committed company to restoring as much of your property as possible with minimal loss.

We offer multiple services with free in home estimates! Several things to remember when dealing with a mold problem is that it spreads rapidly! This pesky but common household issue occurs when water has leaked and settled in a dark area of your home. That coupled with prime temperatures mold can spread before you know it.

Our team are all trained and certified in mold remediation and water damage repair. While removing the mold and its subsequent infected items is the easy part, sometimes finding the source of the growth can be bothersome. Utilizing several currently state of the art detection tools and experience trained employees we can often find and correct the source of your mold growth. We will remove the damaged items or structural pieces provided they are not essential to the sound structure of the building.

We will then completely disinfect and clean the areas of growth. We guarantee that our procedures for sanitizing your home will more than meet your needs and your expectations of our company! We also accept many form of payment including insurance claims and our claims department can also assist you in filing that complicated paperwork! You will not find a better priced company for the quality of work we do. Contact us today for an estimate with mold remediation in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY!


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