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Mold Damage Removal In Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY Is Something You Really Do Not Want To Deal With Yourself

Mold is something that can impact people. It can impact those with certain medical conditions and can harm people with simple allergies as well. It can also be a pain in the, well, you know, to remove. It requires trained, certified personnel, gowned properly, in order to eliminate this dangerous element from your home. Our mold damage removal Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY technicians can handle this for you.

Mold spores, found all around us in nature, need three things in order to grow. One of those is moisture, which is supplied by a flood seeping into the home or a burst pipe. It needs fuel, which is just about anything organic. This can include paper, wood, your walls made from drywall and a dark place. This is usually the space between walls or in a corner of some wet closet. It, that is the mold, can grow from there and encompass the entire house if allowed. That is why in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY mold damage removal is absolutely critical and so very dangerous if you are not prepared and trained for it.

Our trained, insured and bonded technicians know what they are doing and have been doing just this sort of thing for many years. When called, they come in with air movers to help vent any bad air, containing, probably, mold spores, to the outside environment. Contaminated building materials will have to be either cleaned with a sanitizing agent or removed and replaced. All furnishings, any wood items and fabrics must be inspected to determine the need to clean or for disposal actions.

The mold, on items to be cleaned, such as on hard surface areas, will be disinfected to kill as much of the organisms as possible and flushed with plenty of fresh, cold water and dried completely.

In Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY mold damage removal is something to be dealt with, but please call us before you try to put a hazardous material suit on!


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