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Hiring a Qualified Restorer or Contractor in Staten island, Ny


To begin, we need to clarify the terms used to describe those companies that provide the services. In the restoration industry, standards they are all referred to as “restorers”. However, as it relates to water damage restoration, the insurance industry and others have different terms such as “emergency response” or “mitigation” companies. These two terms refer to the same kind of company. They are water damage restoration companies that will provide the initial water extraction and drying services to prevent any further damage. After they have completed their services, the property needs to be reconstructed by a “restoration contractor”. The restoration contractor might hire subcontracted services for flooring, cabinets, electrical or other licensed trades. In some case the insurance company will take on the responsibility to have one or more of these licensed trades provide services independent of the restoration contractor.
For the purpose of these articles, let’s refer to the “emergency response” or “mitigation” companies as “restorers” and the reconstruction trades as “contractors”.
Always be cautious when hiring a restorers or contractor – make sure you are hiring someone reputable. It is your obligation to hire these companies and not the insurance company. It is your property and no one else can hire them for you. Who you hire is solely up to you. Here are some things to consider when looking for qualified companies:
• Hire a “local” referred or well rated company (ie) google reviews. Deal only with established firms or individuals (NOT SUBCONTRACTORS).

• To help you mitigate your Staten Island damages, restorers can provide emergency services. You might be asked to sign a waiver of your right to rescind the agreement within 72 hours. The law allows for this waiver so that the emergency services can be performed. Otherwise, you or your insurance company would be responsible for additional costs for damages due to a delay. Hiring a qualified restorer for the emergency services is something that you should do as soon as possible. You do not have to wait for the adjuster to arrive at your Staten Island home or business or give you permission to get started, also independent restoration contractors do not work for your insurance companies and should “always” work in “your best interest”