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For Water And Mold Removal In Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY You Need Fast, Professional Experienced Personnel

The reasons for all of that water in your house could be a fairly long list. It could be a burst pipe, either in the basement or upper floor. It could also be because of a fire and resulting water brought in by the fire department. This could also be caused by flooding, during a torrential rain or sewers backing up and coming out of your floor or bathroom/kitchen drains. You need to contact a company that offers the water and mold removal Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY services we provide.

If it is simply the burst pipe scenario, that is one thing. It might actually be fairly clean water, however, the damage can still monumental. It also provides the fuel for mold spores to grow and, actually consume your entire structure. Mold spores are everywhere in nature and can become airborne and settle anywhere. Once they get into a good place for growth, which is any warm, dark and damp location, they begin their insidious work. Time is of the essence.

When called, our professional crew of water and mold removal Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY technicians begin the process of making you whole. This begins by isolating all areas that are wet, installing air movers to vent the bad air, possibly containing mold spores, out to the exterior of the house.

Powerful vacuums, often in the form of submersible pumps, will be used to remove standing water and all furnishings, that are wet, will be inspected to determine whether they can be cleaned or disposed of. Dehumidifiers will be turned on to begin the process of removing moisture that is dangerous for several days after the event.

This inspection, pumping water, whether clean or contaminated from the sewer, will be done in 24 to 48 hours and you can enjoy a clean, healthy home again. Powerful cleansing agents will be used on those items that can be cleaned to kill and remove any organisms present and remove the smell of this event from your life.


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