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Flooded house in Staten Island NY|Sewage Cleanup in Staten Island| Water Damage Todt Hill Staten Island NY

Knowing how to dry wet carpet is important to saving a flooded basement carpet. Water removal and extraction is followed up by floating the carpets with high pressure air and the pad to help evaporate all moisture. Quick drying prevents damp carpet smell odor and mold damage that is tough to remove or clean out. We have many different carpet extraction tools that can be used to remove almost all the water from the flooded carpet. There is very little moisture left in the damp carpet or pad after extraction. Airmovers and dehumidifiers are setup to remove the last bit of moisture to complete the dry out. For even faster drying we can use special heaters to make the dehumidifers work more efficiently. The water also wicks into the walls, and these will need to be dried out. The walls are where hidden mold is usually found. Knowing how to dry out wet walls and carpet fast is the best way to prevent mold damage. If you have a flooded Home in Staten Island Give us a call @ 347-925-9698

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Staten Island Water Damage