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Few things cause as much destruction as water.  When a natural disaster causes rivers or lakes to overtake a house, extensive flood damage repair will be needed to preserve what is left. Water causes severe problems for the materials found in carpet, fabric, drywall and furniture.  While it will take a few days before issues start showing up, once they do, it is already too late. Decaying wood will split, crack or crumble, weakening structural stability. Fabric and carpet will grow mold that can cause deadly illness. Powerful odors may linger for weeks or months. While it is possible for a homeowner to halt some of this and restore some of the destruction, a team of professionals will be needed to bring the building back to its previous state.It may seem like flood damage repair is a straightforward process, but it is much more

complex than it appears at face value. It is not enough to just throw away furniture and fabric that is wet, though this is a good first step. Professionals in the industry have access to a number of tools that allow them to detect dangerous levels of moisture. These experts can detect what is likely a hotspot for mold, and they can confirm the presence of microbial agents in the walls or floor. If they are contacted soon enough, they may be able to save items during the flood damage repair, including carpeting and clothing, but only if the water is from a clean water source.The only way to save anything, though, is to act quickly. Mold can begin to set in between 48 -72 hours after materials are soaked.  Once it starts growing, it is difficult to rein in. Anyone entering a home with mold should wear an organic vapor respirator, hand and eye protection, and waterproof protective clothing. In general, anything that is permeable and retains water over a long period of time should be disposed of. This includes carpet, mattresses and drywall. Walls and flooring will need to be taken apart to access and eliminate areas of saturation. These areas will need to be aggressively treated with special detergents and pressure washed. This will be difficult to do without professional help.A professional will also be needed to effectively treat any mold growing in these areas.  He or she will also need to determine when all material has dried sufficiently. Once this flood damage repair is done, it may be possible to rebuild and move back into the home.  However, if the water was contaminated by sewage, the process will take a bit longer. Sewage is extremely dangerous and will require experts to neutralize completely.