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How do I clean up a sewage spill? Sewage spills or backups in the home are hazardous to your health. They can bring illness to adults, children, and animals that come in contact. Some of the more common sewage spills come from a broken sewer line, septic system overflow, toilet overflow, or even a clog in the city's sewer lines. Because of the serious health issues with sewage-contaminated water, it's important to clean and disinfect the affected area as soon as possible. Tetanus, Hepatitis A, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia are just some of the serious health issues that can result from exposure to sewage.

One of the more common mistakes we see is homeowners not cleaning and disinfecting the contaminated water before using air movement. If you have a sewage backup, we highly recommend that you call a certified firm instead of trying to do it yourself. They will take the proper steps and safety precautions to reduce the chance of illness and make sure your property and life get back to normal safely and quickly. The health hazards to you, your family, and pets is too great to risk trying to do it yourself.

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